Our Services

Dr Colman’s philosophy is truly holistic, and thus he has chosen very specific techniques to master in order to be the most effective doctor.  His practice is based on Sacro Occipital Technique, Neuro Emotional Technique, Nutrition, and Homeopathy.

Sacro Occiptal Technique (SOT)

SOT (Sacro Occipital Technique) is composed of highly accurate and effective clinical procedures . Dr. Major B. DeJarnette spent most of his life conducting clinical investigation into what works in chiropractic and what makes chiropractic work. Many of the experiments he first tried on himself so that he was aware of the results first hand. He also recruited others to be patients while he tested the procedures. By means of these repeated, peer-reviewed tests, he determined the true nature of the spinal subluxation* and how it could most efficiently be corrected. He also determined when the correction of the spinal subluxation was not enough and devised visceral manipulation procedures. Visceral procedures are used to help normalize organ function without the use of drugs or surgery. SOT also recognizes the important role of normal cranial function in health and disease. The cranial bones and other cranial structures can cause central nervous system problems that are often overlooked or ignored by most other chiropractic systems. *

Quantum Neurology(Neurological Rehab)

After fully restoring his wife from her moderate spinal cord injury, Quantum Neurology® was developed to share this advanced healing concept with the world. Quantum Neurology uses the patients’ own nervous system to guide their rehabilitation. This patented concept was founded and developed by Dr. George Gonzalez, DC, QNCP. Dr. Gonzalez trains licensed health professionals to strengthen the nervous system in an easy to learn, step by step program. Doctors are taught how to strengthen weak muscles, activate lost sensation and use the bodies’ natural actions, reactions and reflexes to achieve a desired result. When the body responds to rehabilitation it commonly demonstrates immediate improvement. Our experience has been when these weaknesses in the nervous system are strengthened; the body has the best opportunity to heal itself.

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)

Emotions are part of the natural, healthy response process we have to virtually every situation we encounter. However, sometimes challenging emotional experiences and physical vulnerabilities create lingering stress in our mind-body architecture. Such stress can contribute to physical complaints, emotional difficulties, and problems with goal achievement. The Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) is a powerful intervention that can assess and alleviate the internal stressors that are creating barriers to health and success.

Functional Healing(clinical nutrition)

Dr. Colman uses Nutrition and Homeopathy in order to help support the final part of his technique, namely, the biochemistry of the body. He has studied with some of the finest nutritionists in the world to gain a deep understanding about how nutrition, through diet, whole food concentrates, supplements, and homeopathy affects the body, how they may help to heal the body.

Dr. Colman takes a foundational approach to health care. It is his belief that true health is based on certain foundations being strong and healthy, everything from digestion to your nervous system, your spine to your endocrine system and everything in between. He uses his knowledge he has gained from years of experience to create a system of healing that is completely individualized, depending on the person in front of him.  He is constantly updating his knowledge through classes, seminars, and personal study, so that he can bring the most current research to his patients.

A personal note from Dr. Colman: To my patients and future patients I want you to know I am truly obsessed with natural healing, I spend hours reading and researching. If I have a good way of treating a condition, I know there’s a better one, and I am always striving to improve and gain knowledge to keep me a well rounded, humble, and skilled physician.