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Antibiotic Resistance Could Bring ‘End of Modern Medicine’

The article I posted below is alarming. It is the Inspector General of the World Health Organization basically saying that is things don’t change,modern medicine will not be able to keep up with the infectious agents in the world. Well, this really isn’t a surprise, we wacky nutritionists and chiropractors among others have been beating […]

What can we learn from a 100 year old man

KOLKATA, India (AP) – A former Mr. Universe who has just turned 100 said Sunday that happiness and a life without tensions are the key to his longevity. Manohar Aich, who is 4 foot 11 inches (150 centimeters) tall, overcame many hurdles, including grinding poverty and a stint in prison, to achieve body building glory. […]

Help With Stomach Flu Outbreak

There is a very bad stomach flu going around San Francisco, a school had to be closed as a result, and I have had numerous patients that have had to deal with this nasty bug. Symptoms are vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, cold sweats, stomach cramping, and fatigue. For all patients who have the following supplements, double […]

Introducing Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency (PEMF)

All of our body functions require energy to flow unimpeded and in an orderly manner. PEMF helps your body’s energy flow to the cells that need it. Along with Chiropractic and Whole Food Nutritional Therapy PEMF can speed healing and provide you long lasting results, that is precisely why we are happy to introduce PEMF […]

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