I got hurt

This morning I injured my leg. I wasn’t doing anything unusual, a normal Tuesday morning, though in all honesty I was in the midst of 6′-8′ surf session. I warmed up with a set of Tabata sprints and some stretching, this is a typical Tuesday morning. I took off on a wave, went to pop up and felt a searing pain in my left calf. This was both shocking and a little scary as I went over the falls.
I managed to get myself on shore,out of my wetsuit(the hardest part), to my car, loaded my board up, and got home.
When I got to my destination I started taking proteolytic enzymes, a product called Cyruta Plus, some Chlorophyll Complex, and a dose of fish oil. Why did i do that? It wasn’t for fun, it was to help my body deal with the inflammation and pain coming from my left leg. I have a full day of patients, taking a day off is not possible. I will also get in to see my chiropractor today, since he will be an integral part of this injury not becoming a deeper problem. These type of injuries have a way of staying with us, winding deep in to our musculo-skeletal and neurological systems.
Furthermore, not dealing with this injury could eventually keep me out of work or become a more permanent and nagging pain. Dealing with an injury when it happens is so important, from every angle, dealing with tissue injury, inflammation, and correcting any bio-mechanical issue. I see patients everyday that have had a host of injuries, concussions, traumatic brain injuries, severe sprains, terrible illnesses, falls, etc, but they never got care for them, they just dealt with the pain, or ignored the symptoms they continued to have. This results in longer drawn out treatments that are much more difficult to treat.  I’ve seen many patients for stomach issues including SIBO, and when we delve deep in to their history there was a closed head injury sometimes years back, signs of whiplash, etc. There is a connection, though not obvious, it has become a standard part of my exam when I see patients with stomach issues.
When it comes to our health, procrastination can have some very real consequences, dealing with the issue as soon as possible can save you time, money, and most importantly your vitality!


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