The first step

Standing on the shoulders of the previous post on decisiveness I decided to write about another important trait I find crucial in healing.
Writing does not come easy to me, though, once I get started I’m usually able to put together words in to sentences and sentences in to paragraphs to write something decent.
Much like New Years resolutions, being decisive in your life is excellent, but only so if you also take action. That taking action is usually made much easier by simply taking that first step, getting some momentum in to your decision.
In the case of ones health making the decision to lose weight, finally take care of that painful neck, or persistant rash, etc. is excellent, but sometimes it’s difficult to know what is that first step.
When I decided to become a chiropractor I had never been to a chiropractor, never been adjusted, and to be honest hadn’t heard the best things. Then, one day I met a chiropractor, she adjusted my dog, fixed a long time issue, and two days later I was enrolled in school. It was a first step. That first step has taken me in directions I never could have imagined, leading me down education in clinical nutrition, nuerology, craniopathy, autoimmune disease, etc… That first step allowed me to create a practice that is interesting, challenging, supports my family, my curiosity, and my passion for all things healing. It also allows me to have a profession that keeps me in touch with people, my community, and not sitting behind a desk. All of these things are and have always been important to me. That said there have been paths I have chosen that didn’t get me to where I want to be, but that is part of the path. I’m sure that will happen again as well, classes, areas of study, purchases I regret(I have quite a few unfortunate shirts), and that is ok. We just need to start walking and see what happens, and not let wrong paths be dead ends where we get stuck, but recognize them and get on the right path.
Choose a diet and stick with it, start surfing, or swimming, or reading, or walking, or cooking, you get the idea?
NWe all live busy lives, but there really is time, just take that first step, then the second, then See where the third is taking you.
I hope these words help you to make that first step, for me I am going to keep writing these posts, which is hard, it gets easier with each step(or post). Who knows, maybe one day I’ll write a book.


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