Should I or shouldn’t I

In my practice I see many different types of cases, a kaleidoscope of pain, fatigue, rashes, emotional issues, disease, and the other myriad of manifestations that we experience.
In the years of treating all of these conditions in all their various forms I have started to see certain traits that are really helpful in recovery. We have all heard of being positive, not focusing on the negative, but directing our consciousness towards more noble endeavors. That said, sometimes that is the equivalent of falling and not thinking about hitting the floor. Though I do see a positive attitude as a very helpful component, a very powerful one at that, it is not the only one, and may not be the most important.
So often, once a patient has made their way to me, I’m the last in a long line of doctors, healers, therapists, etc. They feel paralyzed and confused about what to do next, who they should listen to, what they should eat, how much sleep they need, what supplements or medicine to take, how much water to drink, what to wear… get the idea.
Though these patients in my office are looking to me to help them make these decisions, as I should, ultimately it is up to them to decide if they should follow my advice or not.
If you haven’t caught on yet, the trait that I find is so important for these patients, something that their current condition has often taken from them is trusting their own decisions. Sometimes the best decision is to just make one, wether it is about taking a pill or choosing lunch, going for a walk or a nap, being decisive is a crucial element both in healing and life in general.
Sometimes we just need to make a decision, walk down a path, and see where it takes us. Changing direction to early can lead us in circles so we never move forward. Make a decision, stick with it, if it doesn’t work out, make another one, being decisive in your life, just may lead you to your cure.


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