We all understand the concept of community. We rely on those around us for help and support when we need it, as well as support others in their times of need. We laugh and cry together, grow and guide, make memories, fight, make up, and more. Well, the same is said with our body.
How is our body like our community? We look to our body to support us as we go about our day. If we sit in front of a computer or are hiking Kilamanjaro, we still need the support of our muscles, bones, organs, even our mind to get us to our goals. With that view point it makes sense that we may have the same relationship with our own body as we may with our community.
If we fight with our body(eat foods that don’t nourish, drink too much or too little, engage in unhealthy life choices, keep a negative outlook,don’t sleep, etc) we need to make up. What happens when friends fight and don’t make up, well, the relationship doesn’t flourish, and may even end. What does “making up” look like.
Sometimes making up is as simple as saying I’m sorry/a glass of water/ a good nights rest. Sometimes it requires more effort like therapy/a cleanse/ giving up smoking/ daily meditation/ regular exercise/ a healthy lifestyle. The relationships that constantly work at improving usually do the best, so the second scenario really is the better choice. Creating a lifestyle that nourishes our mind and body will create a fulfilling relationship/ body that can weather those inevitable rough patches.
In the coming weeks I will delve in to how we can make the best choices for a healthy community internally, which gives us the vitality to support our community externally. If you are my patient you know I believe everything is connected, from our toes to our nose, and inside out. That the purpose of coming to my office is not only to get rid of your pain or other symptom, but to help you gain your vitality so you can achieve your goals, and enjoy your life.
I encourage questions, feel free to write me at if you have any questions or ideas for future posts. In the mean time start with making positive changes, even if that means an extra glass of water, a short meditation, a little extra exercise, or a trip to your Chiropractor, these all foster a healthy relationship.
To your health inside and out,
Dr. Colman


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