There are about 175 named techniques within chiropractic. They all share some philosophy and ideas, but they also differ in many ways. Chiropractic is most definitely a science, years of schooling, decades of research, and millions of patient visits prove that point. That said, it is just as much an art, truly. No two Chiropractors approach their patient in exactly the same way. After almost a decade of clinical experience, and as much study, I have a basic framework of the technique that called to me,Sacro Occipital Technique, but I also have thousands of hours of study outside of that, as well as the unique individuals who were attracted to my clinic. What I would say is that all Chiropractors who are effective have one thing in common. We believe the power to heal comes from the individual. We are merely creating a path for the body to heal. An adjustment is about more than unsticking a stuck vertebrae. An adjustment is a way to communicate with the bodies nervous system, to allow motion to happen wether it had been lacking, and to decrease it where it is too mobile. It is about decreasing pain and increasing strength and range of motion. Most importantly it is about allowing the body to function optimally, so that it can heal, and allowing the nervous system to run smoothly and without distraction. Motion is life, from the tiniest vessel in our body, from the smallest reaction in our cells, to the movement of our legs to run, our arms to reach, our lungs to breathe, our mouth to sing,or our mind to think. The tools that a chiropractor has are infinite, the adjustment is a term used to define what we do, but that’s like saying phone is for talking, have you used your phone lately? There are so many ways to adjust, depending on the joint, the spine, the jaw, the ankle, the elbow, all require different approaches and technique, but the intent is the same, to restore optimal function. If you want to function optimally, see your chiropractor.


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  1. Seth Pardo on September 2nd, 2014 3:30 pm

    Although this post was made just a tad over one year ago, the same truth holds today. As a participant in Dr. Matt’s amazing life work, I completely believe in his knowledge and skill. He thinks really quickly and is quite attuned to the language of the body. After years of chronic (as in daily, relentless, frustrating, agonizing) pain, Matt was the first person able to provide lasting relief. The pain was rooted somewhere deep beneath the bones and muscles. Physical therapists, massage therapists, other chiropractors, MDs, all couldn’t get the pain to subside. Matt did. Now, working in collaboration with both Matt and an acupuncturist, I am still pain free. Thank you Shadow, and thank you Matt!!!

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