There are about 175 named techniques within chiropractic. They all share some philosophy and ideas, but they also differ in many ways. Chiropractic is most definitely a science, years of schooling, decades of research, and millions of patient visits prove that point. That said, it is just as much an art, truly. No two Chiropractors […]


Balance, its how we are able to get from point A to point B and every point in between. Balance is not a destination, it is a living, breathing, changing, growing entity. When we balance on two feet, we actually aren’t still, we are moving ever so slightly. Different postural muscles are contracting and relaxing, […]


We all understand the concept of community. We rely on those around us for help and support when we need it, as well as support others in their times of need. We laugh and cry together, grow and guide, make memories, fight, make up, and more. Well, the same is said with our body. How […]