I’m often asked by my patients what I eat, or what do I do for exercise, how do I stay healthy? If you visit my site, you have a good idea about what I eat, whole organic foods, and of course I receive regular chiropractic care, exercise varies from running and yoga ,to surfing and tossing my daughter in the air. Those things are all crucial, but why do I do them, what INSPIRES me? Inspiration is one of those things that can come in so many forms, a song, a book, a smile from your child,a lick from a pet, even from within. Where ever it comes from is not important, what is important is that it’s there. Inspiration is that little spark inside that gets us to read the book, take the class, climb the mountain, learn the foreign language, or take care of our body. It is the unknown possibilities of things to come, that internal aroma of enthusiasm. When someone starts working out, they aren’t inspired to keep the body they have, no,in their mind they see the body they are going to have , and start working towards that goal. If we wake each day inspired, we can’t help but make that day and each day after a growing and healing experience. It doesn’t matter if you have gone 30 or 40 or even 50 uninspired years, it can come at any time, and it is never too late. The trick isn’t to keep your eyes open for it but realize it has always been there,waiting for you. Imagine being inspired to eat healthy, to exercise, to smile, to look at things from a positive point of view each and every day. Having a full and healthy life wouldsimply be a side effect of your inspiration. This website, my office, the work I do was all originally just a thought an inspired thought, but with the hard work of my staff, my wife, myself, the web designer, etc.. it became real. I’m not always inspired, I have my off days, I’ve even had off years, blind to the inspiration both in and around me, what can I say, I’m human, sometimes I don’t see what is right in front of me. Inspiration is a lot like our eyebrows. Eyebrows are always there, but you kind of forget about them(my apologies to the aestheticians out there). As soon as you notice your eyebrows you wonder how you ever missed them. Inspiration is there,both inside and outside of you right now, you just need to notice it. Go live an inspired life! Leave a comment on what inspires you.


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